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Hello! I am a passionate photographer, filmmaker, drone operator, and writer, with diverse experience in editorial, portrait, corporate, and documentary photography and videography. Represented by Panos Pictures in London and Rosana Gonzalo in Madrid, I have had the privilege of contributing to leading publications and organizations worldwide, covering a spectrum of stories ranging from social and environmental issues to captivating travel narratives.

Since 2017, I have held the distinction of being an AESA-approved drone operator, bringing a new dimension to my storytelling. The aerial perspectives captured by my drone add a dynamic and immersive quality to my work, allowing me to explore unique angles and perspectives. It’s a thrilling aspect of my craft that enables me to elevate storytelling to new heights, quite literally.

My passion for photography extends beyond the digital realm; I have a deep appreciation for film photography. In an age dominated by technology, I find solace and artistry in the timeless medium of film. This dual approach, combining traditional film with cutting-edge drone technology, reflects my commitment to preserving the authenticity of the art form while embracing the possibilities offered by modern innovation.

Currently, I am based in the Basque Country, situated on the border between Spain and France. This picturesque region serves as both my home and a constant source of inspiration. The diverse landscapes and cultural nuances provide an ever-changing canvas for my creative endeavors. I am fortunate to be fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Basque, allowing me to connect with people from different backgrounds and navigate seamlessly through various cultural landscapes.

My affiliation with Panos Pictures and Rosana Gonzalo attests to the caliber of my work, and I take pride in the global recognition that my portfolio has garnered. Each photograph I capture, whether it’s a thought-provoking social commentary or the breathtaking beauty of a distant landscape, reflects my commitment to storytelling that transcends language barriers.

I see my work not just as a documentation of reality but as an invitation for the audience to experience the emotions and narratives embedded in each frame. The combination of my multilingual abilities and a keen sensitivity to the world around me allows me to communicate universally through the visual language of my photographs.

In my exploration of visual storytelling, filmmaking has been a profound avenue for me to convey narratives with depth and resonance. Collaborating with esteemed entities such as Arte TV, BBC Reel, and CNN Vision has been a remarkable journey. These experiences have allowed me to contribute to a global dialogue, translating diverse stories into compelling visual narratives. Arte TV’s innovative approach, BBC Reel’s commitment to quality storytelling, and CNN Vision’s broad-reaching platform have collectively shaped my understanding of the power of filmmaking. Through this medium, I’ve found a unique space to engage audiences, bridging cultural gaps and sharing stories that evoke emotion and introspection.

My journey as a photographer, filmmaker, and drone operator reflects the evolving landscape of visual storytelling. I embrace the challenges of adapting to new technologies while staying true to the timeless artistry of film photography. Through my lens, I strive to make a lasting impact on the world of visual arts, inviting viewers to join me on a visual journey that transcends boundaries and speaks to the universal human experience.

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M Le Mag
El Pais Semanal
The Guardian
National Geographic Traveler
Der Spiegel
Wine Spectator

Open Society Foundations
Arte tv
BBC Reel
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