Andrei Molodkin, Russian artist for El Pais Semanal

Andrei Molodkin is a Russian contemporary artist known for his provocative and politically charged works. Born in Boui, Soviet Union, in 1966, Molodkin gained recognition for his use of unconventional materials and his exploration of themes related to power, politics, and the intersection of art and society.

One of Molodkin’s notable techniques involves the use of PVC plastic tubes filled with crude oil, creating sculptures that comment on the geopolitical aspects of oil as a valuable resource. These works often carry strong political and social messages, addressing issues such as the influence of oil on global politics and the relationships between nations.

Molodkin’s art is characterized by its critical stance towards power structures, corruption, and the impact of capitalism on society. His works have been exhibited internationally in prominent galleries and museums. Molodkin’s provocative approach and unique use of materials contribute to his standing as a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene.