Idea de Éxito 09

80,00 2.900,00  IVA incl.


A selection of fine art prints from the China Works series (2010).

Fine art prints are available in limited editions only (sets of 25). Each print will be numbered and signed and can be purchased at any size from the options listed below. Secure shipping worldwide.

Please contact me for more details on recommended papers and the best print sizes for the image(s) you are interested in.
Each print is signed on the back of the print.



Fine Art Print 

Velin Arches Photo Rag Natural white coloured paper. Papers from the Arches brand are of exceptional quality. Made from 100% cotton, it is ideal for fine art publishing. The even distribution of the fibres gives a harmonious grain.
Details : 300 g/m² . 100% cotton

Fine Art Glossy

FineArt Pearl from Hahnemühle is a cellulose-based FineArt paper with an inkjet coating specially designed for FineArt applications. This bright white paper offers a lightly textured surface and a smooth satin texture. The high quality gloss inkjet coating creates a noble finish with a discreet pearl effect. When printed, the paper impresses with its exceptional colour rendition and detail, its glossy black and its impressive contrasts.

Fine Art Natural Paper  

The Fine Art Hahnemühle NATURAL LINE collection offers new papers made from unique raw materials such as CHANTER, in a move to promote the development and conservation of resources. Due to their rapid growth, these plants provide more fibre than other raw materials from the same cultivated area. What’s more, they consume less water and require no pesticides. This saves precious resources and is better for the environment.
Details : 290 g/m² – 60% hemp fibre – 40% cotton

Alu Dibond

Printing on Alu Dibond in High Definition will give you a very high quality result. The density of colours and contrasts are very similar to a print on matt paper. The surface of Alu Dibond paintings is smooth and completely flat.

Acrylic Glass

Acrylic glass, also known as Plexiglas, is a very high quality, rigid, transparent synthetic material with a similar appearance to glass, giving your photos extraordinary depth and luminosity.



It can take up 4-6 days to produce the print. From the moment the print is ready to be shipped, it can take up to 1-2 days to be delivered in France and Spain and 4-6 working days for the rest of the world.